Our Approach to Security

Security has been our utmost priority since day one, and it begins with how we build our technology. Across our corporate and elections infrastructure we follow industry best practices, including end-to-end encryption and layered security to provide defense in depth.

In addition, we invest in frequent, ongoing audits by independent third parties external to Voatz. These audits involve a comprehensive examination of our voting platform, including the mobile application source code, backend infrastructure, and blockchain, as well as an assessment of the networks, computing devices, and processes used to transmit, process, and store voting data.

We have voluntarily engaged with multiple agencies in DHS, including their Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), along with one of the leading federal testing labs in the nation to review the technologies deployed in our pilots. These audits are ongoing, and due to the ever-evolving nature of threats, repeated examinations of this kind are critical in our pursuit of security as a continuous exercise.

We remain committed to providing as much transparency as possible about our system, which is why we encourage the research community to participate in our public bug bounty programs. This program grants qualified security researchers access to the latest versions of the Voatz mobile voting platform to report vulnerabilities and provide us valuable feedback. We also offer the opportunity to probe deeper for more qualified researchers.

We encourage the research community to actively participate in our bug bounty program as it ensures that any issues detected are specific to Voatz in the context of a real-world environment, and that issues reported are able to be demonstrated with evidence that can be used to improve the security of our platform. Testing or probing non-Voatz owned and operated infrastructure components that have been created and configured outside of Voatz is not a genuine method to test the Voatz environment.

We continue to pursue comprehensive security measures as we evolve as a company, and we take any reports of the existence of vulnerabilities in our mobile voting platform with the highest degree of scrutiny and concern. All of this is in pursuit of our mission — that every citizen has the right to vote safely and securely regardless of their circumstances.

For more information regarding our security, please visit our frequently updated FAQ.

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