Security is our top priority.

Democracy requires secure elections and results you can verify and trust.

End-to-End Encryption

Data is encrypted across all areas of our platform, from the voter’s smartphone through transmission to the Voatz servers, and while at rest on secure storage.

Paper Trail & Secure Digital Receipts

Every ballot produces a paper trail, and every voter receives a post-vote ballot receipt. With these trails, election administrators can verify, print and audit all ballots prior to tabulation.

Blockchain Storage

All votes are secured on multiple, restricted-access, geographically-distributed servers running on blockchain technology to ensure all election data remains tamperproof.

Biometric Verification

Our app uses facial recognition technology to verify your identity, then pairs it to your phone’s security PIN or biometric key. This maintains voter privacy, and your data is never stored or shared.

Risk Assessment & Audits

We routinely undergo rigorous, independent third-party penetration testing, network architecture assessments, and mobile code analyses to safeguard against cybersecurity threats.

Data Security & Privacy

We follow best practices to protect data throughout the voting process. Our identity verification partners are certified as compliant, and all voter personally identifiable information is deleted upon successful verification.

Verify Your Vote

Each ballot produces three records so you can confirm your vote was counted, and your jurisdiction can audit the results.


Ballot Receipt

After voting, you’ll receive an anonymized and password-protected ballot receipt so you can verify your selections.


Paper Ballot

A paper ballot is generated and printed at the jurisdiction for tabulation alongside all other ballots.


Blockchain Data

All votes are secured as “transactions” on the blockchain as an anonymous, immutable record that can be audited.

Where did my vote go?

Watch this short video to learn about our paper trail and audit process.

Learn more about our approach to security.

Security Statement

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Bug Bounty Program

Join our community of hackers who help us grow stronger through threat detection.

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Issue Disclosure Policy

Learn about our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products.

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Research Papers

Read about our ground breaking research on online/mobile voting.

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