Read success stories from overseas and accessible voters, election administrators, and government officials.

This is brilliant!! Thank you for this application. I voted for my residential district from Warsaw, Poland where I'm currently working. Thank you!! This was a wonderful experience from validation to actual voting.

Overseas Voter

I loved this voting app. Thank you!

Political Convention Delegate Voter

I’ve been living in Japan for 17 years and I’ve missed a lot of stuff stateside. This system gives me an opportunity to engage again with so much ease. Thank you for your help, I just voted successfully!

Deployed Military Voter

We had an excellent experience with the Voatz pilot. We intend to continue offering mobile voting as an option for overseas voters. We also see future potential for voters with disabilities—especially those who are blind or have difficulty handling paper and pens.

County Auditor

This is the perfect method of voting for me because I didn’t have to go anywhere, I didn’t have to find someone to drive me, or to get my wife to take the whole day off of work to take me to the polls. I was able to do everything at home. The voting app was perfect. It was very accessible, and utilized the voiceover on my phone. It was a great experience.

Visually Impaired Voter

The mobile voting registration was very easy to maneuver with an ID verification process that gave me confidence that the process was secure. When the ballot was available, I clicked through the candidates, hit ‘vote’, then used the thumbprint Touch ID on my phone to verify who I was. That was it. Pretty slick!

Deployed Military Voter

Working with Voatz has streamlined our registration and voting processes. Since we began with them we’ve dramatically reduced our wait times during credentialing and our members report higher satisfaction with the way ballots are cast.

Director of Party Affairs

I LOVE this pilot. Voting has never been easier from abroad. I have never been more confident that my vote was received and counted. I encourage you to move forward with the Voatz system because it has been easy to navigate, easy to mitigate questions through fast responses, and seamless. A wonderful solution to the challenge of voting from overseas. I really appreciate receiving an email that my vote was received and accepted. I have NEVER had that happen while voting from abroad; my ballot always comes too late, and when I mail it off, I have no idea if it arrived in time. The Voatz app is FANTASTIC! Thank you for helping me participate in this election!

Overseas Voter

There were so many unique challenges with this year’s convention because of the pandemic, but the Voatz platform eased many of our concerns. Voatz enabled our delegates to be verified remotely and participate through their smartphones. The convenience, safety and accessibility of voting this way was eye-opening for everyone who participated.

Executive Director, State Party

You know, most of my friends didn’t vote because it was too complicated with the way the mail is here — or isn’t here, really. Most of them were very jealous and hoped that they could get the chance to vote this way someday.

Overseas Voter

Our military personnel fight every day across the globe to protect our way of life. Whether a soldier is without mail in the mountains of Afghanistan, or a sailor is in a submarine under the polar icecap, they deserve the opportunity to participate easily in our democracy. We owe it to them to make the process as easy as possible.

Secretary of State

After I submitted, I got a receipt right away with a confirmation that it was counted and a printout of my votes, which is more than I get when I go normally to vote, where I never get a copy of what I sent. I reviewed all my choices thoroughly. It felt much more private than having a ballot specifically sent to you and you emailing it back. Honestly it was much easier and much less painful than regular voting is.

Peace Corps Voter

We are so impressed with how knowledgeable, supportive and professional your team is, and we love how smooth and easy the Voatz application and process is. We have had so many positive responses from our voters.

County Election Specialist

We appreciated all the assistance provided by the Voatz team and were happy to participate in this pilot project. In this age of uncertainty about the security of voting, we hope this new technology proves successful to provide secure and convenient voting for US citizens abroad.

Deployed Military Voters

I voted with Voatz as part of our political convention. Loved it! It was so perfect, and as someone from the non-tech generation, I was able to download the app and complete the process. I wanted to say thank you and for being able to help solve something in this very strange new world. It was exciting to be part of history with the convention!

Political Convention Delegate Voter

It was a pleasure to pilot Voatz. The security was outstanding, as well as the customer support and integration with our existing systems. And, the voters seemed to naturally gravitate to the mobile app option. We also acknowledge the product innovation, which certainly opened our eyes to mobile solutions and digital ballot returns.

County Election Official