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Earning Trust…?

Welcome to the Voatz Blog. This is officially our first post and I feel I should start with something which happened earlier today at a Father John Misty concert I attended at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Even though the Paradise is a short walk from my apartment, I had never been there before. I should probably mention that I’ve been living here for almost 12 years now. I do remember buying tickets to at least 3 prior shows over the years but never quite made it to any of them for one reason or another. Well…it turned out to be a great show (FJM is an awesome musician) but something else happened there which strangely resonated more than the music itself. The show hadn’t begun yet and I happened to be to conversing with a young woman who was probably in her late 20s or early 30s. I had just finished telling her about Voatz and she remarked immediately….”I will never use your service. I don’t trust you” to which I replied “Well…the onus is on us to gain your trust and we will try our very best to do that“. She smiled and started talking about the work she did but by that time, my mind had started to flood with all kinds of thoughts and analysis of what she had just said. There were probably many other people who had heard my pitch over the past few weeks and who felt the same way but never quite said it to my face like this.

So how will Voatz earn people’s trust? Interesting thought, isn’t it.

One thought on “Earning Trust…?

  1. To gain trust in this new era of voting and politics is not matter of personal perception , but the trust behind the technology!! What happens with all the poll data ? FaceBook; Gmail etc has been misused by the government.
    The chosen government can “see” which person has elected what. This may effect your carreer i.c. future or worse health…to the ultimate: “If you cannot beat them You must join them…” So a “key” must be found, but one who holds key has the power. So who holds the key ? The People ! For the people… by the people !

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