BOSTON, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Voatz, a leading mobile voting platform, meets the applicable requirements for U.S. voting systems, according to Pro V&V, an independent, federally-certified Voting System Test Laboratory (VSTL). 

Pro V&V recently completed comprehensive testing of the Voatz Remote Accessible Ballot Delivery, Marking and Return (RABDMR) System.

In a 47-page report, Pro V&V concluded that the Voatz platform “meets the applicable requirements set forth for voting systems in the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) 2015 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), Version 1.1, with clarifications or exceptions noted in Section 4.0 of the final version of Pro V&V Test Report.” 

summary of the report has been made public on the Voatz website, along with a link to the full report.

Conducted over a five-month period, Pro V&V’s testing included Accuracy testing to verify specific voter selections and that the “voter’s encrypted, emailed ballot receipt and jurisdiction’s printed ballot match the voter’s choices.” 

Their testing also included an analysis of the Voatz mobile applications’ use of native smartphone accessibility capabilities, including screen readers, predictive layout and navigation, voice control, and flexible session timeout limitations, as well as the application’s language capabilities (Spanish). 

Security Testing involved an audit of the Voatz application source code, testing procedures and compliance with industry standards. As the report states, “Pro V&V verified various controls and measures to meet the required security standards including: protection of the critical elements of the voting system; establishing and maintaining controls to minimize errors; protection from intentional manipulation, fraud and malicious mischief; identifying fraudulent or erroneous changes to the voting system; and protecting the secrecy in the voting process. During the security evaluation, Pro V&V was able to verify that the Voatz RABDMR utilized a blockchain-based infrastructure from the server throughout the remainder of the process.”

“We are pleased with Pro V&V’s conclusions that Voatz operates exactly as it’s designed to operate,” said Nimit Sawhney, Voatz’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Their findings confirm our expectations, and add further fuel to support our mission that citizens can vote securely using a smartphone application and have total confidence their ballot is counted while remaining fully secret.”

Voatz has completed 67 elections to date, performing as expected in each of them, including 11 governmental elections. In 2018, Voatz partnered with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office to enable a first-in-the-nation mobile voting pilot, which allowed deployed military service people to vote for the first time using an app on their smartphones. 

About Voatz
Voatz is an award-winning mobile elections platform that leverages cutting-edge technology (including remote identity verification, biometrics and a blockchain-based infrastructure) to increase access and security in elections. Since 2016 Voatz has run 67 elections with states, counties, cities, towns, universities, nonprofits, and both major state political parties in multiple states for convention voting. Learn more here.

About Pro V&V 
Pro V&V is one of only two testing labs that is both certified by the EAC as a Voting System Testing Laboratory (VSTL) and accredited by NIST through the National Laboratories Accreditation Program (NLAP).