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Voatz Recognized as Webby Award Honoree

Our important mission is being officially recognized: Voatz was proud to be a Webby Award Honoree, under the “Apps and Software: Public Service & Activism” category. The Webby Awards, a worldwide award in its 25th year, features “apps, mobile sites and progressive web apps that educate and empower citizens, and/or encourage civic engagement within one’s community or society at large.”

This is an incredible honor. Voatz’s goal has been from the beginning to make voting more accessible, leveraging the incredible security and privacy advancements of mobile phones and the immutability of blockchain architecture. With the incredible foresight of forward-looking election officials, we’ve been able to pioneer options that empower voters that are effectively disenfranchised by our current hard-to-access options – including our overseas military and other citizens, as well as our disabled community. When voting is easier, we strengthen our democracy – we still have a lot of work to do to expand options to those that need it the most.

In 2020, Voatz became the first mobile voting app to be used in a U.S. presidential election. That followed Voatz’s other pioneering feats, as the first mobile voting app for use in U.S. mid-term elections (2018) and for use in U.S. municipal elections (2019).

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