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Statement on the Iowa Caucus

Voatz is following the news from Iowa closely and we are interested, like everyone else, in learning what happened.

We are unable to comment on the technology used by The Iowa Democratic Party. We’ve never previously heard of the technology nor the company behind it. However, we want to make it clear that Voatz was not involved in the Iowa caucuses, and using an app to tabulate in-person caucus votes is not mobile voting.

To make the distinction abundantly clear, Voatz is a mobile elections platform built to ensure an accessible, secure voting method for groups that otherwise face difficulties with the voting options currently available (i.e. overseas citizens, deployed military, and voters with disabilities). 

We’ve been in the industry for nearly 5 years and have run more than 50 safe and secure elections. Our approach is to build our technology in a deliberate, step-by-step manner through well-designed pilots. We work closely with partnering jurisdictions to ensure a voter-verified, auditable paper trail, and rigorously evaluate the technology’s resilience and progress along the way. 

Election security is our number one priority and it should never be compromised for the sake of accessibility. We voluntarily work with the Department of Homeland Security, their Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and other independent third parties for security testing and infrastructure analysis. We are also committed to transparency which is why we were one of the first elections companies in the world to invite the research community to help test our technology through our public bug bounty program.

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