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Republican Party of Arizona Drives Momentum for Mobile Voting in Virtual Convention

Voatz successfully completes another significant mobile voting exercise, confirming that mobile can be a viable voting option in these unprecedented times.

BOSTON, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Voatz, the Boston-based mobile voting platform, today announced the successful completion of the virtual Arizona State Republican Party Convention, the first of its kind to also incorporate visual live streaming and telephonic townhall components. This continues the momentum of mobile voting as an alternative, secure way to exercise the democratic right to vote. 

In order to ensure a smooth rollout of the platform, Voatz worked closely with Republican Party of Arizona officials to train voters and test the platform ahead of the May 9 convention. 

More than 1,100 delegates voted using the Voatz app on May 9, with a nearly even split of voters using iPhones (58.3%) and Androids (41.7%). 

Arizona builds on the success of the Utah Republican Party’s State and County Conventions, when roughly 7,000 votes were cast using the Voatz app. 

“This is a critical moment for our democracy, and we have to ensure that we have safe alternatives to voting in person. Voatz is proud to be able to meet this need and to ensure the safety and health of its voters,” says Voatz Co-Founder and CEO, Nimit Sawhney. “We believe deeply in expanding access to voting, and with many voters’ health at risk, we are proud to leverage our experience to support the Arizona Republican Party’s mandate to represent their delegates’ voices.” 

Commenting on the success, Republican Party of Arizona Executive Director Greg Safsten said “Voatz was a great partner in fulfilling our goal of being minimally disruptive to our convention procedures. After a careful vetting process, we were confident in Voatz’s ability to support secure and private voting with the added benefit of an immediate confirmation that each delegate’s vote counted. In developing the plan for this convention, we knew that we needed to provide the most reliable connection to it for all participants, and we were able to do this by ensuring everyone who wanted to vote could do so easily and from the safety of their home.”

About Voatz
Voatz is an award-winning mobile elections platform that leverages cutting-edge technology (including biometrics and a blockchain-based infrastructure) to increase access and security in elections. Since 2016 Voatz has run more than 60 public and private elections. Learn more here.

Press release issued from PR Newswire.

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