Eclypses Partners with Voatz to pilot Quantum Resistant Security for Mobile Voting

Eclypses has partnered with Voatz, a leading mobile voting platform provider to pilot its “Quantum Resistant” security solution in upcoming elections. Voatz made history by being the 1st mobile voting application backed by a blockchain-based infrastructure to be used successfully in a US presidential election this year, allowing voters to securely cast their ballots on their personal smartphones.

Eclypses MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) is being integrated into certain aspects of the Voatz mobile voting infrastructure to future-proof the security of the network communication as well as further improve the detection of rooted/jailbroken devices in order to make it exponentially harder for malicious actors to tamper with voter devices.

Voatz CEO Nimit Sawhney states, “Security is a persistent work in progress and Voatz has always been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries. We are excited to partner with the Eclypses team to further this exciting exploration of how a modern election system can function seamlessly in the presence of anticipated future threats and provide an accessible method of voting to citizens around the world.”

Eclypses’ CEO Bryan Champagne states, “Protecting the most vulnerable data from cyberattacks has always been our top priority. Our MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) cyber technology is uniquely positioned for all mobile apps to create an advanced security strategy that enhances any existing security measures in place. We are thrilled about our partnership with Voatz, as they continue to pioneer through the mobile app sector and provide accessibility for people to participate in democracy.”

About Eclypses

Eclypses sets the new standard for protecting your most sensitive data. Their disruptive technology provides clients with the highest level of data security available today. Eclypses offers a transformative “Quantum Resistant” security solution using the MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) framework, patented methods to replace actual data with MicroTokens. This disruptive technology, revolutionary in both speed and accessibility, gives clients access to the highest level of security available today, safeguarding even the most vulnerable data from cyberattacks. For more information, please visit

About Voatz

Voatz is a mobile elections platform that is changing the way the world votes. Backed by cutting-edge security, biometrics and a blockchain-based elections infrastructure, Voatz enables smartphone and tablet voting to increase accessibility and security in elections. Since 2016, Voatz has successfully conducted more than 75 elections successfully including the world’s largest mobile voting exercise using the blockchain. In 2018, Voatz ran the first mobile blockchain vote in US Federal Mid-Term Election history with the State of West Virginia. In 2020, Voatz became the first smartphone app based mobile elections platform to be used in the US Presidential Elections. To learn more, please visit

2020 Year In Review

For the first time ever, mobile voting backed by a blockchain-based infrastructure was available in a U.S. presidential election.

The 2020 presidential election was a milestone for many reasons, one of the most significant of which was the high voter turnout – a reflection of the appetite and re-commitment of American citizens to the democratic process. Regardless of political affiliation and belief, Americans voted in record numbers. This was due in large part to efforts across the country to improve and provide access to voters otherwise disenfranchised or unable to participate.

Voatz also achieved key milestones in 2020. From supporting the first mobile ballots cast in a U.S. presidential election to facilitating the first fully remote conventions for both major political parties in the U.S., and enabling the largest mobile voting exercise in the world, we continued to build on our impressive history of firsts. See below for some key highlights.